Friday, March 22, 2013

Possibly I am part Gypsy...

I was asked to purchase a dress for my niece's 6th grade graduation prom. Talk about pressure!! To start with, I had less than a week before my Mom needs to take it up North with her, and I have never been to a prom, nor bought something so important for someone. At the same time, I am thrilled to be a part of this, I miss being with the kids all the time and being a part of their lives.

After a few website searches and a couple of long phone calls comparing notes I went out to a bridal store here in town to find the dress. My Mom probably will regret not coming with me as she'll never see me in a bridal store again LOL!! I found a gorgeous dress and many accessories. My niece LOVES her bling and so I wanted to get her a sparkly sash to add to her dress... well, that was $80 I wasn't willing to spend. So I spent $12 on a plain sash and went to Michael's (conveniently across the way) and bought some supplies.

I seriously felt like the Stanley girls from Gypsy Sisters! I do have to admit it was fun though and I could have kept going, but was afraid I would end up with the whole thing covered :)

This is the finished piece... I sure hope she loves it, and that it doesn't fall apart LOL! I will share a picture of the dress once my Mom takes it to her and I can share my niece as well :)


  1. How brave - not the rhinestones (Though I am glad not to see them on a quilt) But letting someone else buy your prom dress sight unseen.

  2. GO KATY! I love it when you talk about your relationship with your niece etc. You are such a good auntie! :D Is that Aleene's glue? I just bought some of that the other day and have yet to use it, but I love tacky glue. I am sure you did a great job. Can't wait until you get to see the pics! <3

  3. It looks gorgeous. I'm a big fan of crystals.


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