Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As I am sure you all know by now, I rarely find a piece of fabric that is too small to keep! Recently Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts celebrated her 250th quilt with a giveaway of her patterns. I got her Scrap Happy Purse.

I am totally in love with this pattern! I went through some scraps that I haven’t looked at in years and found some sweet memories.IMG_3126It was such a happy surprise to me to realise that no matter how crazy the scrap was they all looked good together :)IMG_3132  I got to use some fun green and white polka dot handles I have had for awhile.IMG_3142And for the first time, one of my suede tags.

Also, Opie was given the all clear by her vet yesterday! Thank you all for your help and warm thoughts :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Making it up as I go

I have had it in my head to make a cute tote for my store. Sadly the handles I bought were way too small. (Does everyone else have trouble judging size by measurements alone?) So I pondered. And I thought. And I even threw in some mulling for good measure!

DSC02394DSC02395 And this is what I came up with. It has a combo of machine and hand sewing because I knew how I wanted it to end up but wasn’t completely sure of the method.I find with hand sewing you can pretty much make anything you can think of. It ended up approximately 5.5” x 9.5” so a fun little size.

I attached the metal zipper and the handles by hand. You can see the stitching on the inside but I just think that is the nature of the beast. I also added a cute little squirrel zipper pull I bought ages ago.



I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this pattern. I have a second pair of “too small” handles so maybe I will get to make a second one soon :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Opie update

Hi guys :) I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped out by buying some of my things, it means a lot!

IMG_0617 We went back today our regular (non-emergency) vet for a check up today. He was rather surprised by the size of her wound (the biggest he has seen) and suggested surgery and a drain. I told him I didn’t have a job so we came up with another plan of attack.

More medications, including a spray to calm her when bringing her to the vet lol and laser treaments. He was really nice and is giving them to her at half price. We’ll do six total, over the next week and a half every two days. Hopefully this, along with the medications will have her well on her way to healing.

Please keep us in your thoughts!! Opie and Katy :)