Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Franklin Quilt

As most people know, Denyse Schmidt is one of my favourite designers (if not the favourite). I love so many of her lines and I find that they work great for "man quilts" without resorting to blues and greys.

I started off making this quilt with a male recipient in mind. Sadly situations have changed and now it will be a quilt for sale. (nobody died!)

The pattern is from the book Beyond Neutral by John Q. Adams. I had been wanting this book for a while and luckily one of my friends had it but didn't love it so we did a trade. When I saw this pattern I fell in love.

I did things a little differently, John has you adding corners as they are single blocks and then matching them up with a mate. I wanted to be sure I liked my couplings first and so sewed them together before adding corners.

I finished up the top yesterday and will be getting it longarmed by Sharyn at work who runs Quilting Stitches longarm services. It is far too big for me to maneuver. I just need to decide if I want brown thread or cream... I am leaning toward brown.

I do love the finished result and could easily see doing it again with different fabrics.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Sorry for my long hiatus. I got busy with custom orders, a craft show, and then some ufos. This will be a fairly picture heavy post to get us all caught up and then hopefully I will be back on a more regular basis.
So first some custom orders. This is a queen quilt and shams made by me, and quilted by Sharyn at Quilting Stitches which is run out of Mad About Patchwork.

Then I also had a request for some custom stockings.

Right in the middle of all this I had committed to a craft show, so things were a bit crazy!

I also made a pile of coin purses for Mad About Patchwork.

Then my amazing friend Julie paid for me to take a workshop with Canadian designer Libs Elliott and I loved the quilt so much I finished it that night! The picture is of Libs and me holding it up at guild the next evening. Mind you, this is the top only LOL.

And then this week my friend Julie and I had a basting party and we got 5 quilts basted, 3 of which were mine. I ended up quilting and binding them all this week!

This one is called Polarity and is a quilt pattern by my friend Stacey. You can find the pattern here, and it will also be a class at Mad About Patchwork in the winter. Stacey made such an impactful yet simple design, this was really fun to make.

This one is made from Denyse Schmidt’s Florence line and is backed in flannel. I am wishing this were big enough for a lap quilt and then I would be keeping it!

This last one is made from a layer cake of the line Salt Air… this line is a few years old and I decided I had hoarded it long enough.
All three of those will be listed in my store at the end of the month. I have to take them to guild first to fulfill my UFO list challenge. I am hoping to have another basting party soon and get some more of my many tops finished!
Oh! And I forgot that I had about 12 custom oven mitts orders at the same time lol… a busy beaver for sure!

I hope to be around a bit more often!