Friday, March 1, 2013

Marching to my goals

So once again I am committing to finishing something by the end of the month. This one will be a bit of a struggle for me because I don't have a proper cutting table and it kills my back. I am going to finish cutting all of the fabric I need for my nephew's Skeleton Quilt.

My Mom has told me that since it is a skeleton she refuses to take it up North with her when she goes at the end of the month. BWahahahaha! I love that she thinks it will anywhere near finished by then LOL! Plus, I am determined to have her look at it from his point of view and agree it is perfect for him :)

I am linking up to the A Lovely Year of Finishes March party :)


  1. What magazine or book is that quilt in? My son would love it! Good luck on finishing it this month!

  2. That's such a great pattern - I have the book too and haven't gotten a chance to make anything from it, but that skull is on the mental list for sure :D

  3. That quilt is also on my someday list


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