Sunday, May 26, 2013

ALYOF May linky post

Once again I apologise for not being around much... still pretty darned tired... started taking iron about two weeks ago and am hoping it will start to work soon.

For May I wanted to follow along in the Retro Rubies QAL... here is where I am.

I'm not totally committed to this layout yet so am having trouble moving forwards... I am planning on sashing all in white and will hang it in my bathroom when done. (Does that seem weird?) I have a big empty wall that needs some brightening up!
As well, I wanted to make 10 blocks for my nephew's skull quilt and here they are.

The blocks are 12.5x12.5, but I just layered them for the picture... I am excited to see that I am liking my random picks.

I am linking up to ALYOF!

Also, as a side note I made my first piece of clothing, The Staple Dress by April Rhodes... please ignore the body shape that is in it LOL.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I don't know why but I have spent the last 2 weeks simply exhausted... I would have completely forgotten about my May planning for my finishes goal had I not read a friend's blog post.

I would like to make at least 10 blocks in my nephews Skull quilt.

I would also like to follow along with Pile O'Fabric's latest quilt along Retro Rubies. So basically, be where I should be at the end of the month LOL.

I am linking up to the party at Fiber of All Sorts!

(Sorry for the short post, as I said... exhausted)