Sunday, March 10, 2013


I have a few swaps coming up and in one I have a partner who is a friend and who has a little toddler. I haven't started on her project yet but I made her child (trying not too let too many clues out lol) this cute lil' guy.

The pattern is from this website I discovered it somehow through the blog hop going on right now... someone must have had a link... and I found lots of fun things there. I hope to buy some of the gorgeous tea towels to embroider one day, but am still not wanting to pay the $20 shipping. I do wish more people were willing to go to the trouble of going to a post office like most countries rather than do postage paid, but it is what it is :)

I hope all my North American counterparts survive the extra-early Monday morning tomorrow... sleep well!


  1. That is one cute kitty! I love how it looks finished.

  2. Well this is just too cute. Checking out the link now.

  3. Hehe! What a cutie kitty! I bet 'the child' is going to love it! I looked at those tea towels. They are pretty--of course you know, I like the turquoise! ;) Which colors do you like? I tried to click on the sage, but it's not on the order list (not the most intuitive clicky link.) Hope you have a wonnerful week!

  4. Uhm, so cute.

    Ermagerd! I lurve him.


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