Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy Times!

I am still running on empty so have been quiet, but have gotten a few different things made so will share them with you now.

I managed my two goals for June... all the solid blocks for the Skull quilt and the Coral pillow for the shop.

I made a second nap blanket for the store out of Echino fabric.

I made a bee block that was improve piecing... a new experience. Not sure yet if it will be repeated LOL!

And lastly, I made a Louise Lapin bunny doll for my upstairs neighbour. It has been very well received :)

In other news, I am heading to the Vermont Quilt Festival tomorrow which was my lovely Christmas gift from my Mom. While there I will be meeting up with a Flickr friend named Amy. I am very much looking forward to it!

And as a side note... for the last few weeks my cursor has been randomly scrolling up and down and it is driving me bonkers... any solutions?

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

ALYOF June goal setting

Another month, another goal setting... for this month I am going to keep it fairly light as I have a lot of other sewing commitments...

One: I would like to finish my coral pillow cover and put it in my store. It needs to be quilted and made into a pillow, right now it is just pieced.

I would also like to commit to making 8 more colour only blocks on my nephew's quilt... after this is when the skull piecing starts taking shape, so that will take more time.

As I already said, a fairly light load... I will also be finishing a pillow for a private swap that involves a lot of embroidery and hand sewing, a block for one of my bees, and a little gift for one of my on-line friends that I will be meeting when I go to the Vermont Quilt Festival at the end of the month :)

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