Sunday, August 31, 2014


Sorry about the all caps title but I am excited :)

Since my job and I decided we were on a conscious uncoupling I have discovered that I have more time on my hands. As well, surprisingly, I have a fairly healthy fabric stash. And money does not grow on trees. So, with all the factors I decided that I am going to make a concerted effort at having my business become a success.

DSC02254 I ordered new custom logos, new business cards, worked hard on getting things made and am back in business!

DSC02273 My intention is to keep adding new items weekly. Some will be entirely new (I am hoping on some bags and stuffed toys) and some will just be filling (or re-filling) stock. My items are well made and are great for gifts for friends and loved ones. I am up for custom orders and hope to be able to make your requests come true.

DSC02310  Now… for the first two days, September 1 and 2, there is 10% off with the coupon code GRO10. There is also a local pick-up coupon which you may use if you wish to pick up your items at my house. This code is PICKUP and will remove the shipping from your total. If I have to send it to you, then you have to pay, sorry :) I do always refund shipping overages above $1.


In addition, Etsy offers you a $5 off your first Etsy purchase (does not have to be from my store specifically). This code is Etsy is a well established and reputable online marketplace.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop! LethargicLass <----- shop link :) There is also a link on the right hand side of my blog ----->

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Experiences with dyeing

Hi all!

Still super busy preparing items for my store grand opening on Monday! I should be around a bit more after that :) But today I am going to share my friend’s and my adventures in fabric dyeing.

IMG_2644We used the advice of Jeni from In Color Order and things worked quite well. The colours we used are these four below.

IMG_2648IMG_2646We were lucky that it was a nice day and we could dry them all outside. One thing I think we both agreed on was that it is quite a bit of work, but we also feel it is worth it. 

IMG_2653This was my orange batch. It ended up a bit more salmon/coral that orange but I quite like it. All of my fabrics started off as white on white tonal which is where the great patterns are coming from. This batch I messed up by putting about 6 times more of the yellow than I had intended and then the right amount of red lol.

IMG_2654  This one surprisingly was straight from the Royal Blue bottle. Not really royal, but I quite like the result.

IMG_2655This was my first batch and my attempt at purple. The fabric on the right was an experiment that only went in to the dye water after I was finished with it. It was nice to see it still got colour though, so one can consider that instead of making a new bath.

IMG_2656  For this one I had been hoping for a lime green. I think I will try and tweak this more the next time. The pale one in the middle is a tester just like above, and the dark one on the right is one I stuck in Anne-Marie’s bath for a lark. Also, can you see the one 3 from the left which is all mottled? It was the only one that had that and I have no idea why.

IMG_2657 The yellow probably ended up my favourite as it was the truest to what I was trying to achieve. This one was straight from the Lemon Yellow bottle.

We had a great time doing this and will again in the future. Luckily I have been saving all my white on whites just for this exact thing :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Coming Soon!

I will be re-opening my Etsy store in a few weeks. There will be a grand opening announcement. I am getting a new logo made and am working like a beaver on creating new stock. Here are just a few fun ones from tonight.

IMG_2516 IMG_2515

These are small little Liberty needlebooks shaped liked buttons.

IMG_2520 IMG_2517

This is a bigger style, also using Liberty. It has some pockets inside as well.

Until I find a new job I figure I should give myself a good solid effort at trying to make it on my own. I’m not positive it will work, but I am excited about trying :)