Sunday, March 31, 2013

March NewFO

Wowzers... 1/4 of the year gone already... it always amazes me when I realize things like that LOL. So, onto my March NewFO's :)

First up I started on my nephews Skull quilt by doing all the cutting... this has made me realize that I need a higher cutting surface... am pondering that.

Next up, I started a baby quilt. There will be white strips in between each row, I just ran out of room on the "design wall" LOL.

I also have a market tote about half-way done. No pictures as it is inside-out at the moment and I'm sure you don't need to see that. :)

I am linking up to the party, come and join!


  1. Cute fabrics for your baby quilt!

  2. These are some great projects, Katie. The skull is going to be very much appreciated by your nephew. Thanks for linking up today. Happy Easter!

  3. Question: where is your cutting surface too low? Mine is too high and so is my machine, LOL!

    I love that baby quilt. It's so different than what I think up... Individual creativity is so great because seeing our differences can challenge us to broaden our imaginations and skill sets! <3

  4. That skull quilt is too cute! I bet I have some nephews who would like that, too.


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