Monday, September 17, 2012

Fear and commitment

Not fear of commitment but fear and commitment. The fear part is how crows will be trembling in their boots when they get a load of the Autumn bitty my friend Teri sent me.

Teri belongs to a bitty group (3" finished blocks) that I used to belong to. She suggested we do our own little private swaps with different themes. We started with the four seasons, and as well will be making a mini for the other one incorporating several bitties with a kitchen theme.

I am blown away by the details on this tiny block. The nice thing about doing this is that it will challenge me to try new things. Here is the bitty I sent Teri. An Autumn leaf with some leaf "skeletons" underneath.

I also made the first kitchen block for her but within minutes of finishing it, I found out her only two colours not to use were purple and pink. Behold!
Needless to say I will be making a new one LOL!

As for the commitment part, I have committed to no more on-line fabric buying for one year. I am allowed to buy in person as it happen so rarely. I will also continue in my one stash club for the full 12 months as I have something planned for that one, and will drop my second stash club in December. I not only have a lot of fabric, but I also have a lot of projects I have bought all the fabrics for but never started. I need to do something about that.

I may buy on-line only if it is for my Etsy store, or something needed to finish an already started project. I also will not join any swaps that will require me to purchase anything for my partner.

Putting it out there makes me accountable I hope, so wish me luck LOL!


  1. YAY for two biddies and their bitties! :D The add-a-border swap I am in really challenges me and making anything fit in a 3" square is challenging, right?

    Ugh, I so hear you on the no buying thing... I am better than I used to be but still not quite good (used to joke if times got hard and people were cold, they could come bundle up in my stash! :P) My prob is buying in person is a lot more expensive. I refuse to feel guilty and just want to give it away or use it ~ no one is winning with it just hangin' around, right? Oh, check to see if you have anything that's out if print and in demand. I have a bunch of AMH Bohemian and didn't know it was desirable.

  2. Katy, I like it! BUT you need to amend that you will be in Usual Suspects no matter what!!

    ps, I saw Teri AT THE FABRIC STORE buying today;) We live in the same town...

  3. No fabric online? You are a harsh mistress my dear.


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