Monday, January 25, 2016

A hit and a miss

I told you all that I would be back with my thoughts on my Spinach and Artichoke Dip Soup. While I really wanted to love it, I just didn't. It was ok the first night but I couldn't make myself eat it the second night, I am thinking maybe just too much spinach?

So that was my miss. For my hit I am sharing my challenge piece from January's Mighty Lucky Quilting Club Challenge. This is a year long club in which each month a you are taught a (hopefully) new technique and different ways to use it. This month was Krista from Spotted Stones and the challenge was to create using bias tape. Someone in the challenge posted Picasso's line drawing of a bum which reminded me of my favourite of his line drawings.

Not much of a surprise there eh? I am still not sure how I want to finish it off, so for now it remains a flimsy.


  1. I love the little doggie flimsy, so cute!

  2. Cute, and it would be great as a FMQ patter too!
    That is a lovely color of green, perhaps it could be made into a dip.

  3. I love your quilty version of Picassos doxie! I guess you have seen pictures of him on Pinterest with his doxie? I would probably agree with you on the soup... Spinach tastes too green for me. I live in the south, the green capital of America. I eat a lot of greens, mostly cooked. Generally I like all of them, but not spinach. Something about it just tastes too green. Maybe kale would be good instead? I don't know if you can imagine eating cooked cabbage, but it's a natural diuretic and tastes good in soup to me. If you add cabbage to a vegetable soup, it just cooks away, pretty much dissolving.

  4. Perfect! Love it! How did I miss this on IG?!?


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