Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some baby quilts

I am normally a planner when it comes to sewing… I plan my fabric choices, I draw a million versions etc. But twice recently I just made a quilt, the colours came to me, I went and grabbed fabrics and just went for it, and to tell you the truth, they are two of my favourite quilts ever.



I adore the spiral quilting in the first one, it gives the quilt amazing drape! These are both small baby quilts, good for the crib, strollers, to be used as play mats, etc. and both are in my store.


  1. Awesome quilts! I love the quilting on the first and the colors on the second speak to me (I love blues!)

  2. They're very cute, Katie. Excellent choices in fabric.

  3. The top quilt is fantastic! The colours are great and the quilting, amazing. Plus, any quilt with pink in it has a vote from me right off the bat. Did you invent the design or follow a pattern?


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