Friday, September 4, 2015

Caught My Eye #34

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Eclipse quilt pattern, mini quilt table topper wallhanging, patchwork with stars and curved piecing



  1. Another beautiful selection of inspirational quilts

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  3. I guess you're in a circle mood, lol. My fave of the group is the second one, mini eclipse table topper. The fact that it's mini is a huge plus; not sure I'd have liked it as much if each circle was 20".

  4. I love that 2nd one! Thing about many of these patterns is: 1-they are often already public domain traditional blocks that have been around forever or 2-someone else has come up with another pattern that is quite similar. Matbe they truly aren't theirs to claim ownwership of.

    It goes back to the contROVersy (UK pronunciation for grins) over music. Bottom line, whatever you create and hurl out there in the universe, you never truly own it anymore. In sharing the gift, to some degree you give it away--it will be copied, used as inspiration and flat out duplicated. Isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?

    I totally hear you and agree. Have you checked with any of pattern makers to see if they will allow you to make them to sell? If you sell your wares locally, how would they even know? And would they really sue you cos that's crazy expensive.


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