Friday, September 25, 2015

Caught My Eye #36

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Only three this week as I couldn’t find others that fell in with the feelings that these three evoke.


  1. Assuming the striped pieces are solids that were sewn into stripes, I am impressed at how this quilt doesn't feel like it's made only of solids.

  2. Wow, those last two quilts are stunners!! I recognize that second one has to be from that bee I keep seeing pop up. :) And that last one just. WOW.
    (Thank you for including mine with such amazing blog post mates!)

  3. That last quilt - the colours, the texture, the quilting - this is just divine!!
    Have a fabulous birthday weekend!!

  4. Stunners for this selection. I like all of them.

  5. Ooo, love all three! But that middle one is so retro-fabulous. I agree they'd be hard to add to or improve on!

  6. I love all three, the quilting on the last one is amazing.


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