Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Sailor with a difference

I showed you the three Sailor Tops I had made from the Fancy Tiger Crafts pattern. Well, I have now made a dress simply by adding some length to the bottom, and I put some pockets on it for fun!


I used two different double gauze fabrics I bought ages ago from thinking I would make some scarves, and I am glad I still had them! This dress is so comfy and cool, perfect for the warm summer we have been having. I have some rayon that I am hoping to make into another dress as the summer isn’t over yet!


  1. Look at that cutie!!! Your dress is fantastic. :) You've come a long way from pj pants!!

  2. Very cute! Oh yes...and I like the dress too!

  3. Very resourceful! I wish I had seen it in person.

  4. Well, aren't you a smart cookie! That's a great idea. It looks sort of like a top and skirt. I like that too. IMO, adding pockets are the best reason to sew your own clothes! You look so cute in your custom clothes! ;-*


Thanks for your two cents!