Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mountains of oven mitts

My Mom is going to the 100th birthday of the town she grew up in and asked me to make some oven mitts for several family members. It started at 3 sets and now is up to 6 lol. I only have three finished so far and here they are.


A little Denyse Schmidt fabric works great in the kitchen!


Some more Denyse Schmidt from her Joann’s line. (I spy an interloper, do you?)


This is my favourite set, made with Anna Maria Horner and some Lizzy House mini pearl bracelets.

The other ones will be finished in the next few days and I will post them as well. Hope you liked seeing what I am working on!


  1. They look so professional. Well done!

  2. They look great, Katy! Well done indeed! I'm going to tell Lizzy House you called her an interloper. ;P XO

  3. some really pretty fabric combinations there!


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