Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toughest things I have made...

So a good friend of mine is leaving to go on a 2 week rock climbing trip in Scotland. She asked if I would be able to make her 6 chalk bags, two for hostess gifts and the other 4 as a souvenir for the rest of the gang. I, of course, said yes. I will be more careful of my yes' in future lol.

I broke 10 needles. Heard my machine KERCHUNK more times than I can count. I never thought I would get through the 5 layers of fabric (two of them being nylon webbing). But... I did it!!

Behold! Six chalk bags with six matching belts. I am pretty darned pleased with myself :)


  1. That's pretty impressive to get through all those layers!

  2. With good reason! They are amazing. Good for you for persisting.

  3. And so you should be! What a great job!


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