Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pillow time!!

I have been enjoying making pillow (cushion) covers lately as they are great for getting a little creative steam out so that I can concentrate on deadline items LOL.

This first one actually is a deadline item. Camila and I decided to do a side swap of pillows. Originally I believe the timing was for June but I convinced her that mid-August was best (I am so slow when I am stressing about a project :)). Camila does great work and I really wanted my pillow to do justice.

I realize that you are probably looking at this and thinking "huh?". Camila loves Day of the Dead and her house is decorated in blue, green and yellow. She also love EPP and so I kind of combined all of those aspects. She is also a marine biologist who works with sharks, so this is the great backing fabric I found for her on Modern Yardage.

This next pillow is one I made for the shop. I miscalculated (of course) and so had some extra fabric cut from the pillow above, so I cut a little more and came up with this.

I found a fun butterfly print for the back.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my current projects :)


  1. Fun!! I love that butterfly print:)

  2. Great pillows, Katie! I just bought a fq of that butterfly print, so pretty.

  3. What a fun Ferris Wheel Pillow!


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