Saturday, June 1, 2013

ALYOF June goal setting

Another month, another goal setting... for this month I am going to keep it fairly light as I have a lot of other sewing commitments...

One: I would like to finish my coral pillow cover and put it in my store. It needs to be quilted and made into a pillow, right now it is just pieced.

I would also like to commit to making 8 more colour only blocks on my nephew's quilt... after this is when the skull piecing starts taking shape, so that will take more time.

As I already said, a fairly light load... I will also be finishing a pillow for a private swap that involves a lot of embroidery and hand sewing, a block for one of my bees, and a little gift for one of my on-line friends that I will be meeting when I go to the Vermont Quilt Festival at the end of the month :)

I am linking of with the ALYOF linky party at Fiber of All Sorts.


  1. Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to see how you quilt the pillow!

  2. That pillow is beautiful. Good luck with your June goals.

  3. I love your projects... can't wait to see them done!

  4. Beautiful work on both. How are you feeling, my dear?

  5. Ooo, I love what you have going here! You know how I feel about TP Saltwater, thank you very much! ;) I can't wait to see both of these finished!


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