Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy Times!

I am still running on empty so have been quiet, but have gotten a few different things made so will share them with you now.

I managed my two goals for June... all the solid blocks for the Skull quilt and the Coral pillow for the shop.

I made a second nap blanket for the store out of Echino fabric.

I made a bee block that was improve piecing... a new experience. Not sure yet if it will be repeated LOL!

And lastly, I made a Louise Lapin bunny doll for my upstairs neighbour. It has been very well received :)

In other news, I am heading to the Vermont Quilt Festival tomorrow which was my lovely Christmas gift from my Mom. While there I will be meeting up with a Flickr friend named Amy. I am very much looking forward to it!

And as a side note... for the last few weeks my cursor has been randomly scrolling up and down and it is driving me bonkers... any solutions?

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  1. You have made many lovely things in your blogging absence - the cushion, the doll, and the awesome improv block (sorry and thank you!!). All of your projects are lovely, though.

  2. You have been busy. That bunny doll sure makes me smile....just too cute.

  3. Nice work Katy ... the improv block looks great, and I have a fondness for the Salt Water pillow!

  4. Look at you go! I love the improv block. Beautiful.

  5. Your Bee block looks great!

  6. Love LOVe the pillow and the bunny... I think those improv blocks are an incredible amount of run... you just have to blow off most everything you know about making blocks up until you try them. I read one gal's advice about how to make them... she encourages curves and said to sew them together however... then after sewing, iron the hell out of it, LOL!

    Have a super-dee-dooper time at the quilt show. I wish I was meetin' ya there! ;) Have a relaxing weekend too. (((HUGGLES)))


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