Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday... a year ago we were in Las Vegas celebrating her 70th with friends and family...

Here is a picture of her with Opie... until I caught this moment forever they both pretended to hate each other :) She looks pretty darned great doesn't she... it's one thing about her that I love... she doesn't play the "old" card ever, and sometimes I have to remind myself that maybe she needs me to slow down lol...

I was supposed to see her today but I am down with some tummy troubles, so my co-worker took her over my present... technically my brother and I bought her and iPad, but since I wanted her to have something else on the day (we bought the iPad when my bro was here to help) I made her an iPad cover.

She called and let me know she loves it :) Pattern is here http://www.michellepatterns.com/product/just-pattern-pieces-tablet-computer-sleeves.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful Mom, who even better, is my friend!


  1. Many, many thanks to my wonderful daughter who is also my friend.

    LLL, Mom

  2. Hey hey from the hospital! :D tha's a lovely cover! Any mom would find her iPad more special when wrapped in handmade quiltedness and love.... By her daughter no less! How wondermous that you are friends. Happy birthday, Katy's mom!


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