Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today would have been my Daddy's 70th birthday. I had been planning on making him a scrabble board quilt, but obviously I did not. The other thing we would have done would have been to go to The Works, a burger place right near our neighbourhood (my Dad and I lived next to eachother).

Our reasons for going there would have been two-fold. One, we loved it, and spent all of our occassions there. And two, my Dad couldn't drive anymore, as he had dementia, and we can walk to the restaurant in five minutes.

I mention the dementia because I don't have many recent photos of my Dad to share. One thing that happens is that  the personality of the person changes. My Dad and I did not have the same relationship in his last years as we did before. It was hard and made everyday interactions very awkward. Not that they were everyday as he tended to isolate himself at home.

I am happy to say that now I am able to remember the good parts of him as well as the bad and it means the world to me.

This was my gift to him on his 65th birthday. Sadly, we never made the trip.

Tonight we will go to The Works to celebrate his birthday without him, and I will buy him a beer in memory.

I love you so much Pappy, and miss you more than words can say. Happy Birthday!


  1. This is a beautiful photo of your dad, he looks so happy! I am glad you can remember all the good times, cherish those memories.
    It's hard on the special days, I think you are brave writing about it.
    Happy birthday to your dad!
    A big hug to you as well.

  2. Hugs. It's lovely that you can now remember the good times more closely than the bad. Thinkongvofvyou.bxx

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Enjoy your burger and beer and remember the good times ;)

  4. Bon appetit to you and he , my friend. Great tribute to you Father. Hugs!

  5. Aw, happy birthday Pappy! Have a good memories tonight and be thankful for the good ones! (((BIG HUGS!!!!)))


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