Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend travels

My Mom and I decided to go on one of our semi-frequent jaunts to the U.S. to do some shopping. We chose Watertown this time as it was new to us, not too far, and is where our PBS station broadcasts from LOL!

I had planned to take a ton of pictures, but of course forgot my camera every time, so I will have to show you my favourite part of the trip.

No surprise that it is fabric!! To be specific it is DS Quilts which can only be found at Joann's. I was thrilled that the Watertown location had so much of it so I was able to get the pieces I really wanted.

We had a great time and didn't spend too much money. We got a lot of good sales (the fabric above was 25% off) such as two winter/fall dresses for my Mom at FOUR dollars each!! I'm still in shock at that... they were a great find for sure!

I have been sewing all day so I should have things to show you this evening or tomorrow...


  1. Love the fabrics you got! And dresses for $4?!? WOW... Prices like that makes shopping even better!


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