Sunday, April 15, 2012

I had an itch... I scratched.

I definitely meant to get more done on my list, but this morning I suddenly wanted to move in another direction. So, in typical Katy fashion, I went full out, and produced some kitschy 70's family photos.

These aren't my family. But they are members of one of my regular blog reader's family. (I can say I have regulars!)

So, if you are a regular blog reader, your initials can be a swear word, you live above the clouds, and can legitimately say "Goodnight Gracie" then you might want to e-mail me your address. :)

I have been wanting to make something for this person for awhile, but never really knew what exactly, and so I didn't pursue it. But this morning it came to me and that was it! This lady has a fantastic blog herself. She cooks and sews and gardens and photographs and just has so many fun things going on at once. I always enjoy her posts, and she is unfailingly helpful whenever I have questions. And I always have questions. Surprised? I didn't think so :)

I did get some work done on the list. I embroidered some for Deana, did half blocks for Sarah, and did a few more blocks for My Precious QAL. But these guys gave me the most fun :)

This is Gracie. She is actually a calico, but I don't have calico fabric LOL. She is absolutely gorgeous and must have the patience of a saint to live with George.

This is George. He is actually a super-hero and was upset when I wouldn't let him wear his cape for the photo. I won when I pointed out that a well-dressed cat is the best defense!

Anyway, I hope my dear on-line friend that you enjoy these little gifts for many years to come :)



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