Sunday, April 22, 2012

To-Do List Update!

I know... the most boring title in the world LOL... but it works :)

Here is the to-do list today

2 lone star blocks (Sarah)
1 embroidery (Deana)
2 and a half herringbone (mine)
1 practice basketweave block (mine)
2 sleepmasks (Mom)
4 sleepmasks (store)
My Precious QAL (mine)
My Brrr! quilt (mine)
Snuggs quilt (Kelli)
My Granny Squares quilt (mine)

OK... so not much change, but wait until you see these beauties for Sarah!

We are using this amazing tutorial that Anna wrote... once you have all the pieces cut out and ready they come together quickly. And I absolutely love the end result!

Hoping to get some more done on the list soon!


  1. Your stars are beautiful! Thank you for the link, I'll put them on my to do list too:-)
    My list is far to long, so I better start working.


  2. Very pretty stars. I don't see updating your to do list on the to do list. What's up with that?

  3. Your stars are WONDERFUL! Would love to try these myself. Is it possible to get a link to Anna's tutorial? :)


Thanks for your two cents!