Monday, April 9, 2012

Here a swap, there a swap,everywhere a swap swap!

I love swaps! That is how I got into this whole sewing/quilting thing to start with. I was on Flickr, saw incredible things being made, signed up, and then proceeded to teach myself how to make said item LOL!

Recently I received a swap item from my friend Deana. This is actually our second time partnered in this swap. It is an embroidery swap and I decided that this time I wanted  a maps/plans sort of idea. Here is the beauty she sent me.

There is so much thought behind this piece. The needle starts off in Wi** ND where she lives, the bouquet of flowers is in Sa** ON where our friend Heidi lives, and ends in Ottawa with the scissors where I live. I love how she satin stitched the Great Lakes... way more patience than I have :)

I have also started in some Bees recently. These are where a block style is chosen, and every month you make for the person who's month it is, in the colours of their choice. I was quite honoured to be asked to do the Bee a Lone Star{Burst} as it involves paper-piecing and I am very new to learning it. My first two blocks are for Melanie who asked for greens and blues. After I had finished my first one she asked for at least one of the two to have a white centre strip. I think she was being kind to me by not asking for them all that way after I had done one, so I hope she still ends up with a quilt she loves.

This is the first one I made. I love the little panda face :)

This is the second one with the white strips. It definitely makes the colours pop more!

I am very proud of myself for accomplishing these blocks. There were a lot of seams ripped out, but in the end I made them :)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you love your block! I can't wait to see what you stitched up for me this time!


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