Friday, April 13, 2012

organizing chaos!

I am trying to get myself organized with all my swaps and bees right now. Especially because Melanie and I decided today to start a new paper piecing bee LOL. I know a lot of bloggers keep running lists and so shall I.

As of April 13, 2012 I have the following to do:

2 lone star blocks (Sarah)
1 embroidery (Deana)
2 and a half herringbone (mine)
1 practice basketweave block (mine)
2 sleepmasks (Mom)
4 sleepmasks (store)
My Precious QAL (mine)
My Brrr! quilt (mine)
Snuggs quilt (Kelli)
My Granny Squares quilt (mine)

I have decided that I will break my day into blocks of an hour tomorrow and rotate amongst the listed items. Maybe tomorrow night some will be done!!

And now to leave you with a peek at My Precious quilt start... it may not look like much, but it has me smiling :)


  1. I love your strategy! I will have to steal your idea if you don't Btw.....welcome to blogland!

  2. I keep track of mine on a white board. It keeps me on track better than trusting my memory.


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