Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some felt makes

I had two projects recently where I needed to make the items out of felt. Some of the pieces were small and many curse words were uttered, but knowing that my friends will love them made it palatable LOL.


First up is this minion pin cushion I made for a friend in my birthday swap group. I changed the “G” on his chest to “M” so that he knows he works for her now LOL.


And a Maleficent doll for another friend.


  1. I would definitely be using some colorful language if I attempted to make those, they are so small and intricate :) They turned out very cute!

  2. Colourful language is part of being a successful sewer.

  3. Adorable both! I made a minion Christmas ornament a coupla years ago for our MQG gift swap. At least felt is fairly fogiving and wool felt all the more (like buttah!)

  4. These look awesome... you did a great job with these!


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