Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daisy Hedgehog Pattern

A little while ago Jennifer Heynen, aka Jennifer Jangles, asked for volunteers to make some of her new patterns and share our experiences. I signed up right away! When I first started on this fabric journey she was one of the first designers who caught my eye and I used to drool over her pieces regularly. I got chosen to make Daisy Hedgehog and boy is she a cutie!
Image from
I gathered my supplies and got to work! Everything was well explained in the pattern so it was nice not to have to worry too much.
Please ignore my dirty ironing board cover LOL! It was nice to have a valid excuse to use my favourite colour brown in something.
This was the great nose decision of 2015. It ended with the beige/pink one up top after a community poll on IG.
I had so much fun making Daisy from start to finish, thank you Jennifer for your trust in me!
Posing with her gnomie :)


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