Monday, September 15, 2014

Some mini’s

Lately I have been having a lot of fun making surprise gifts for friends. I always have a list in my head of people that I would like to give something to. It could be in thanks, for an occasion, or just to brighten their day. Here are some of the recent ones below.


This one was actually a swap with my friend Cheryl. It is Liberty and Essex Linen. I loved making it but it did take quite awhile, each block has 36 little pieces in it.


 This one is based off my friend Rachel’s tutorial called Raspberry Kiss. I cut into my much loved Cotton + Steel for this one, along with low volume for the backgrounds. This will be sent out in the future so I can’t tell you to whom yet.


This I sent to my friend Kira. She so kindly sent me a Starbucks You Are Here mug after I commented how much I really wanted one and so I wanted her to know how much it meant to me. This was based off of a Fresh Mini Quilt Club pattern. It was extremely hard to photograph, I don’t know if it was the soft colours. I normally am not a pink girl at all but for some reason that is what ended up happening.


This is a pillow I made for my friend Karen’s birthday. This was beyond fun to make! It was my first time really using partial seams and it worked like a charm! Karen is pretty darn awesome and I wanted her to know that! This is from Stitch Supply Co.'s Mini Banner Day Quilt.


And finally, these are some coasters for a friend. As they also haven’t been sent out yet I can’t name the person. But she is a generous, kind soul, and I think she will love these!

I will have more coming as I have more in the works, but right now my main goal is to finish a Yoko Saito pattern for Quilt Market display. It has approximately 800 tiny pieces to it!


The finished quilt will be 37 3/4” x 37 3/4”!
Hope you all are having a great Monday!  


  1. so many minis! love the Cotton + Steel raspberry kiss.

  2. I absolutely love all of them! The pillow you made for Karen is so cool. And the Raspberry Kiss mini! Loooove it! And the coasters too:-) good luck with all those tiny pieces.

  3. I love, love my mini! It is temporary tapped to my wall until I get my new bookshelves in and decide on its permanent place.


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