Thursday, August 28, 2014

Experiences with dyeing

Hi all!

Still super busy preparing items for my store grand opening on Monday! I should be around a bit more after that :) But today I am going to share my friend’s and my adventures in fabric dyeing.

IMG_2644We used the advice of Jeni from In Color Order and things worked quite well. The colours we used are these four below.

IMG_2648IMG_2646We were lucky that it was a nice day and we could dry them all outside. One thing I think we both agreed on was that it is quite a bit of work, but we also feel it is worth it. 

IMG_2653This was my orange batch. It ended up a bit more salmon/coral that orange but I quite like it. All of my fabrics started off as white on white tonal which is where the great patterns are coming from. This batch I messed up by putting about 6 times more of the yellow than I had intended and then the right amount of red lol.

IMG_2654  This one surprisingly was straight from the Royal Blue bottle. Not really royal, but I quite like the result.

IMG_2655This was my first batch and my attempt at purple. The fabric on the right was an experiment that only went in to the dye water after I was finished with it. It was nice to see it still got colour though, so one can consider that instead of making a new bath.

IMG_2656  For this one I had been hoping for a lime green. I think I will try and tweak this more the next time. The pale one in the middle is a tester just like above, and the dark one on the right is one I stuck in Anne-Marie’s bath for a lark. Also, can you see the one 3 from the left which is all mottled? It was the only one that had that and I have no idea why.

IMG_2657 The yellow probably ended up my favourite as it was the truest to what I was trying to achieve. This one was straight from the Lemon Yellow bottle.

We had a great time doing this and will again in the future. Luckily I have been saving all my white on whites just for this exact thing :)


  1. Great job - the yellow turned out really well :)

  2. Very cool, Katy! I've been saving white on white prints for a dye session like this too. They turned out great!

  3. Fantastic new logo! Your fabrics turned out well, even if they aren't exactly what you'd envisioned. I bet you'll do it again :-)

  4. Oh how fun!! I love the yellow prints a lot, as well as the oranges. :) For lime green you probably need a different green base. Dark green is pretty dark. Although perhaps if you just added less green it'd work out okay. I haven't played with Rit dyes before so I'm just guessing that's why it ended up more olive. :)

    Love seeing these experiments!!

  5. Very fun! I love how the colors just pop against the white printing.


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