Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vermont :)

My weekend in Burlington was awesome! As usual Vermont is gorgeous to drive through and my Mom and I had a great time! We stayed in a B&B called the Bear’s Lair Inn in Stowe and had amazing breakfasts and a great room!

The highlight of course was meeting Karen and seeing Amy again!

IMG_2099 This is Karen and me in front of her AWARD WINNING quilt :) (She might kill me for that but it was worth it LOL)

IMG_2100 And Amy and Karen in front of Karen’s AWARD WINNING quilt!

We had so much fun and never ran out of things to talk about. And given that these two have been best friends since grade school, never once did I feel like a third wheel! Love you guys! And my Mom kept commenting on how much she really liked those young ladies :)

Not really many photos, I think we were too busy having fun :)

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  1. So awesome! Congratulations to Karen!! It looks and sounds like you had such a great time. ^_^


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