Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favourites

I'm going to try to start posting some of my favourite things on Fridays. It may not be every Friday, but I do hope it will be regular. I may be talking about a new book, a new pattern, a fabric line, a tool, anything really. For this first one I have chosen a store.

Mad About Patchwork is a Canadian run fabric store that is here in town (well technically just a wee tiny bit out of town). When I first placed an order I didn't pay attention to where it was and when my package showed up two days later and I saw the address I laughed. Pam, the owner, is one of the founding board members of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild along with myself and a few others. Through our get togethers for the guild I feel I can call Pam a friend now and I consider myself lucky.

A selection of solids from Mad About Patchwork

Pam carries a lot of current modern lines like Charley Harper and Botanics, and sells them at awesome prices (not something that is easy in Canada). She also carries a huge range of Kona solids which is good, because I am always buying from her at the last minute and have never been disappointed. These pictures are some of her solids from a quilt show she had a booth at.


I do hope that maybe you will take a moment and check out Mad About Patchwork… I know you won’t be disappointed :) (and since everyone seems to always add in these caveats… no I haven’t been paid and Pam doesn’t even know I am writing this :))



  1. Hey Katy - did you know that Pam lives in walking distance to my sister's house? I've been to Pam's house and shopped from her shelves - and I am sure she has expanded her range since then as it was a good couple of years ago now!! Small world huh? :)

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  2. I love Pam's shop too! She has a great range of fabrics. She is so kind and helpful! I am looking forward to you Friday Favourites posts!

  3. I have never met another person besides me that rolls their fabric! Don't you love how it looks and how easy it is to take out and put away? I do. Check it out at

  4. I love Pam's shop too! It's wonderful to be able to find modern fabric in a Canadian fabric shop!

  5. You are so lucky to live so close to a great quilt shop, I must admit there is a lack a good modern quilt shops in my area.

  6. Thanks Katy ... and I've really enjoyed getting to know you better through the guild. Consider us both lucky!


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