Saturday, October 5, 2013

Long and overdue

I feel like I have been neglecting you and my blog, but I have had a million things going on. I'm going to inundate you with photos now, so if that is not your thing you have been forewarned LOL!

Eraser carved stamp for my friend Leila

Slippers for my friend Monica

Serger cover for a swap item

nap blanket for the store

side 1 reversible skirt

side 2 reversible skirt

mini Aeroplane bag for my friend Anne

nap blanket for store

name tag for Sewing Summit and guild meetings

Our Aeroplane bags together at Sewing Summit

Sleeping bag pouches for the store

Appliques for tea towels to be finished this month

And finally, Pfilomena Pfaff, my newest addition to my family :)

So a lot thrown at you all at once... and believe me, there were many more things lol... I am going to try and get a bit better about posting.

Thanks for sticking around!!


  1. PHEW! I was already tired from prepping for my show and taking care of Byron after his lil arthro shoulder surgery (not rotator cuff, thankfully... he had very quick recovery) and now I'm all tuckered again looking at your lovely productivity! FWIW, I still like picture books better than 'grown-up' books with only boring words, so picture blogs suit me great! Your pic are staged and composed very nicely, as well. You're making a doxie tea towel! I might need some of those!

    Last part of my long, pictureless comment: I'm working on your b-day prezzie today! :D Since it was not to you on your day, I feel like I can at least keep you posted on the process/progress. I'm way excite about it! Have a super Sunday, friend!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Congrats on all of the finishes and the new sewing machine!

  3. OMG, I was sitting here cutting fabric and there was a bag from the shop hop laying there... a PFAFF bag! I realized how remiss I had been not to mention your NEW MACHINE! Congrats on Philomena!! That's some moniker, LOL! I hope she gives you hours of years and years of hours of sewing happies! :D You racked up on your B-Day this year (and as I believe it always SHOULD be, heh!)

  4. My goodness, your sewing machine must be smoking! Cute, cute, cute!

  5. I love the mini-aeroplane bag! Using measuring tape for the handles is such a cute idea.

  6. I also love the mini-aeroplane bag. ;) And yay, Pfaff sister!! I hope she treats you well. :D And you know I am excited to see what you make with her!

  7. you've been busy! congrats on the new machine.


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