Sunday, May 26, 2013

ALYOF May linky post

Once again I apologise for not being around much... still pretty darned tired... started taking iron about two weeks ago and am hoping it will start to work soon.

For May I wanted to follow along in the Retro Rubies QAL... here is where I am.

I'm not totally committed to this layout yet so am having trouble moving forwards... I am planning on sashing all in white and will hang it in my bathroom when done. (Does that seem weird?) I have a big empty wall that needs some brightening up!
As well, I wanted to make 10 blocks for my nephew's skull quilt and here they are.

The blocks are 12.5x12.5, but I just layered them for the picture... I am excited to see that I am liking my random picks.

I am linking up to ALYOF!

Also, as a side note I made my first piece of clothing, The Staple Dress by April Rhodes... please ignore the body shape that is in it LOL.


  1. People get busy, and dealing with fatigue makes it that much worse - I totally understand your irregular post schedule. Sometimes it helps me to remember that I blog for me and not out of obligation. Makes it more fun. :-)

    The rubies are rocking so far! And I think the dress is lovely.

  2. Love the rubies quilt, I have not been brave enough to try a whole quilt with curves. The dress looks great too!

  3. All of your projects look great, Katie. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  4. very pretty dress Miss Katy....good to see you in summer garb again!

  5. Love the polka dots in your Rubies quilt!

  6. LOVE your staple dress! That and this awesome quilt are both on my "some day" list!! You're one talented lady;)


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