Sunday, August 19, 2012

Messy eaters

I have recently started making some baby bibs for my shop. I am trying to get some more things in there as I can in case I do end up losing my job at the end of September (Government cut backs).

This one is in the ever-popular colourway of red and aqua/teal.  I think it really makes a cute bib!

And this one is for those formal nights out at a black tie bib-wearing event :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to :)


  1. you might want to make one for me in brown..I can't seem to keep coffee off my clothes lol...nice job Katy..I do like the black and white one a lot!

  2. Perfect choices of colors (red, aqua and teal/black and white) and wonderful designs. Do you have any pattern of this bib? I think patterns will be very helpful for everyone who will visit this post of yours and for sure there are many moms who love and always interested about bibs. Through that you will inspire them to make some nice bibs too, just like this one that you have posted. Nice bibs! Nice Job!


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