Thursday, February 5, 2015

I’m back!

I seem to finally have my arms under control, and while they aren’t completely better, I am able to sew again!
I added a few more project pouches to the store, this one is a favourite of mine for sure.
IMG_0421And then I found a pattern by LYPatterns and started making underwear coin pouches… so much fun!
IMG_0448I have a few more cut out to finish today. They are fun and quick :)

Thank you to you all for your support these last couple of months, it has meant a lot!


  1. Those knicker pouches are so call (sorry can't use the word panty). Glad your arm is getting better - don't over do it!!

  2. Welcome back! Those panty purses are adorable. How much self-confidence does a woman need to use one of them :-)


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