Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favourites!


OK… so maybe this reminder thing will work… guess we will see next Friday :)

For today’s favourite I am going to go with a new one… my Sewline Glue Pen!

IMG_0749 I love English Paper Piecing, but the basting takes forever. Recently I read a post from someone who glue bastes… well what an eye-opener! So simple and fast, and that means that so far this week I have finished these…




and started on this…


In the post it was mentioned that one can’t reuse the papers but as you see here, I haven’t had a problem so far.


I am very excited to finish this project but it technically is an on-going one and not a priority as it will be a wall hanging for my house.

Hope you enjoyed another favourite of mine!


  1. Glue, as it turns out, is the best thing ever for fabric. Who knew??

    These are lovely!

  2. I love these scalloped circles - I love seeing them on Flickr too - yum!

  3. It super and fun so it's SUPER-FUN! Because it is decor for YOUR own home would make it a priority for me... For me anyways! Hadn't thought of usung reminders like you are. Good call! Enjoy your weekend!


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