Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventures in light box making

I asked my friend to check out my Etsy shop recently as it hasn’t been doing very well, and I asked her to give me suggestions. Her main one (after telling me I don’t charge enough lol) was to maybe try new photos using a light box. Being the resourceful friend that she is, she even had a link to how to make one ready to go.

Here is my setup

IMG_0621 I had everything I needed but the poster board (89 cents) (side note – why don’t keyboards have a cent button like the $ one?) and the second light (free from my Mom – thanks Mom!). I used crumpled up white tissue paper from some packages and just smoothed them out… waste not, want not!

This first picture is with no flash… no photo editing at all has been done.

IMG_0622 This next one is the same item, but using a flash. Once again, no editing.

IMG_0623 Note to self… flash is not needed, in fact, it makes it look bad.

First, no flash.

IMG_0626 Now with flash.

IMG_0627 These last two pictures were cropped because my box is too small, and you could see the sides of the box. Because of this I will be making a new box. I will still keep this one for smaller items. Both of these are with no flash.

IMG_0628 IMG_0629 I hope you enjoyed my little experimenting and that maybe it helps you in your picture making.


  1. I don't often use my lightbox because I'm lazy, but when I want a more serious product shot I can't live without it! I didn't make mine. I bought a kit from cowboy studio with the a pair of lights. They really do make a huge difference. :)

  2. That is really something I need to do. I have a place in my house I can take decent pics of my pincushions, but only in the afternoon and only if it is sunny out. Otherwise my pics are not so good.

  3. I have been collecting materials for a photobooth, and I will check out your link for tips!

  4. i have a lightbox and it works ok, but i have to say my best photos are from when i get off my lazy bum and go outside. though it can be a difficult thing to do when it's -3 out.

  5. We are making a lightbox now for the shop I work at. Fingers crossed! Are you on instagram?


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