Friday, February 8, 2013

There's a new store in town

And it is called Fabrications! The store is located at 1098A Somerset Street West, right at the corner of Spadina.

(Shamelessly stolen from their website)

I have both shopped on-line and in person and have had great experiences both times. The store is nicely laid out with fabrics and notions on one wall, and a row of sewing tables with Bernina's waiting to be used by you! The store is run by Carrie and Curtis and they are nice as all get out :)

The store doesn't have miles upon miles of stock, but what they have has been chosen with great care. They stock solids, organics and even Japanese fabrics. Their notions run the gamut from thread to cutting mats and everything in between.

For locals, you can even order on-line and then pick up your purchases at the store for no cost.

They also offer a varied selection of classes from book binding to dress sewing.

I highly recommend this store, and to steal a friend of mine's judging system, I give them a 5 out of 5 rotary cutters :)


  1. É tudo que eu preciso perto de mim.Onde eu moro tenho que viajar no mínimo #3 horas para a loja mais próxima e ainda não encontrar tudo.Na maioria das vezes compro em armarinhos as miudezas.

  2. Nothing better than a new fabric store in town!

  3. ooo... aaaah! i will have to check them out online, though i have to say, there's no substitute for touching the fabric goods! ;) love the storefront... we live out and all of our LQSs are in strip malls with not-so-original fronts. Tahnks for sharing the linky-dink!


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