Monday, February 4, 2013

Feeling the love...

I am definitely feeling the love after receiving my packages for both Doll Quilt Swap 13 and Sew Sew Modern today.

In DQS13 I noticed a quilt that Alison made that captured the exact design from the Max and Whiskers fabric line.

I kind of wondered if it was for me as it had the "brown" signature that usually indicates something for me lol (brown is my favourite colour). I put it out of my mind though as I had been lucky enough to have Alison in another swap and didn't think I would be so lucky again and I was! You can see the extra fabric she sent me and can see what an amazing job she did copying the fabric... I think it is such a clever idea and I love it :)

Then came my Sew Sew Modern package. For this swap we were given the chance to suggest 2 or 3 things that we would like to receive. I believe I said sewing machine cover, wall quilt or a pillow. I lucked out and received a sewing machine cover!

This was made by my dear friend Leila whom I have been lucky enough to meet in person :) She chose such great fussy cut fabrics and included many favrouites.

Leila even included my initials which I adore! So much thought was put in it :) On the other side there is even text print that is cut out to show the letter K! And for those of you who are wondering about my initials, much like Duchess Kate I am also Catherine with a C!

Both ladies were kind and generous with their extras as well that you can see in both sets of photos. I am truly blessed by my online friends :) The extra bonus is that all this happened on a day I had to be home from work sick, so it was a pick-me-up indeed!

P.S. Did my link problem work out? Above you should see "Alison" and "Leila" highlighted in pink/purple


  1. These are great gifts -- my guild is doing a Zakka swap nevt month and I cna't wait ot see what projects are made. Your links aren't working at this time but I would be interested in reading more about them

  2. Link update: in my feed reader, "Alison" and "Leila" are pink with dark blue underline; here on your blog they are pink, and when I mouse over them they are pink with aqua underline. I think that's a success- links are visible even when you aren't mousing over.


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