Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A goal to finish

Happy New Year!

Not only am I committing to starting new projects this year but I am committing to finishing projects as well. Seems to make sense to me... therefore couldn't have been me that came up with that.

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of Sew Bittersweet Designs are running a linky party to share a goal of a finish each month. At the beginning of the month you choose a project to complete and at the end of the month you show you completed it. Your goal can be just for the quilt top... it doesn't have to be one King-sized quilt top complete and ready to send lol.

For January I am entering my two-sided table runner I am making for a swap. I am committing to having it finished and in the mail by the 27th of January. Yikes!

This is the front (the stem) and the back (the leaves). I really wanted to make it double sided. I of course didn't think about the issues with this.

1) I have decided that the only quilting that will work with both sides is a meander. I have never FMQ'd before. Challenge number one.

2) I am having problems figuring out how to sandwich and baste this as I won't be able to have a bigger back or batting. Challenge number two.

Any help or suggestions in the comments will be *very* welcome :)

What will you be committing to finishing this month?


  1. So excited you're joining us!

    This is going to be fantastic! What a great piece to practice on. Have you used spray basting? This may be perfect for this. And there is also a tutorial on FITF on the spray and how to line up the front and back "spray adhesive for quilt basting"

  2. Heh! Yes, NewFo and Lovely Year are a great pairing. :D See you 'round! :D and Happy New Year to you, oo.

  3. I love the fabrics you've chosen for the table runner.

    On free motion - the things that made it click for me were slowing down (going too fast messes up the tension on my machine) and imagining pseudopods.

  4. I LOVE the fabrics you picked for your table runner! It's going to be beautiful. I have only made a couple of quilts and usually hand quilt them. My machine doesn't like to quilt, so I don't even try anymore =P

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to join in. Love that table runner.

  6. I love the tablerunner and that you decided to make it double sided. Can't wait to see it finished.

  7. I would put a border on one of the sides and use that as your "backing" even if you don't end up quilting through much of it. That way you might have a little bit of forgiveness if they don't line up absolutely perfectly!

  8. I agree with spray basting or that iron on batting, so it doesn't shift on you. Good luck with your lovely finish.

  9. Oh those are so big challenges. I think I see my suggestion of adding a boarder and then trimming it off when you finish already. As for the FMQ my best suggestion is just to do it. It is scary but fun!


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