Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quilt show

So today I went to my very first quilt show. I had a blast! I was by myself so in some ways it was nice to go at my own pace, but it would have been nice to have shared it with someone.

I was able to buy a few fabrics as well so that was nice, and for Canada they were great prices. I really loved meeting the woman behind Mad About Patchwork and was pleased to find some fun pieces from her shop.

I took a ton of pictures but will share just some of my favourites.

 I love poppies, and seeing them in quilts or fabrics is always a win for me!

I love the shadowed effects of the blocks... not normally my colours, but I think they work well here.

This one is very me. The rich colours, the simple blocks, I just love it!

Once again, very much my colours. I love how now I am starting to recognise how something complicated looking like this is actually just made up of two blocks. It helps to make it feel do-able :)

And this one I loved for it's cleverness... I love witty quilts and this one fits the bill.

That's all I will share/bore you with LOL... you can check out my Flickr for some more pics.


  1. I love quilt shows but always end up going by myself too. Sometimes not having crafty friends nearby is a real bummer.

  2. I usually end up going to quilt shows by myself. I can't decide which way I prefer. Either works ror me. This is a great group of quilts you shared. I love the poppies, and the animal tales is adorable.


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