Thursday, May 3, 2012

Negative is the answer

Anyone who knows me, knows that mail is my favourite thing. Even to the point that I will welcome bills over no mail!

Growing up in different countries, mail developed an extra magical status as it usually came home with Dad and not to the house. My Dad, who has always had a quirky sense of humor, came up with the question "is negative the answer?" which we asked everytime he came home. If he answered "negative" then that meant mail (two negatives make a positive :)).

This week negative was my answer twice!!

This amazingly generous package came from my friend Synnoeve. This is not the first time she has spoiled me as I have been lucky enough to have her make for me in a swap and we did another private swap before. This time she emailed me to ask if I wanted some more 2.5' squares as she had a whole bunch extra. I immediately said yes as she has the greatest fabric selection (I would love to see it all one day lol). Then there was the hint that something extra was in the package... I had no clue! It ended up being the blue tiles from FMF that I had in my ISO list!! Unbelievable that someone I have never met in person could be so thoughtful and kind!!

This amazing package arrived today from Lauree who had me as her partner in the Table Top Swap - Napkin Edition. My favourite colour is brown and I adore yellow, so really, these are my idea of perfect! I used the first one tonight and am thrilled, plus the earth is happy I used one less paper towel LOL. In addition Lauree sent chocolate, hickory smoked almond chocolate. YUM!

These ladies are two people who brought smiles to my face this week. Thanks so much!!


  1. Uhhhh yum!! You're lucky duck to have such great friends. I'd do a swap with you but since we both live in Canada, we'd both end up sending the same chocolate in our packages ;-)

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Katy! You are a very good friend, and I wish we could have met in person. That would be lovely!
    I might take a trip to New York next year, maybe I should concider a trip to Canada as well:-)
    Have you ever had Norwegian chocolate? It's the best:-)
    If we swap something in the future, maybe I'll send you some:-)
    And your napkins are beautiful! Lauree was the person I sent to in the table top swap, and when I saw the napkins she made, I thought of you! Hoping they would come your way! So glad they did.

  3. What fun! I'm with you. Even junk mail is better than no mail.


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