Friday, April 8, 2016

2nd quarter finish-a-long goals

Yikes! Only two finishes last time, hopefully I can do better this quarter!

Once again on my list is my Aunt Edna quilt, everything is cut and only a few blocks to go.

Next is a new project for my shop, a simple patchwork with Fleet and Flourish and Paperie fabric lines.

My third one is my Ombré quilt and the one I am most excited about. It is out for quilting and will need its binding plus a sleeve as I entered it in a show. (Not as exciting as it sounds, everyone in the guild is guaranteed a spot LOL)

Next is a quilt I call Angles, I started it and then was doing Libs' sewing so I am hoping to get back to it soonish.

Next up is a top I finished at a sew-in day last year and even had the backing for it but just never finished it, Layers of Charm.

After those ones comes my jelly roll race quilt from when I was in Virginia Beach... I have an idea for the quilting and would like to get to it before I chicken out and straightline quilt again LOL!

I also have my crayon challenge for the OMQG that somehow I have to get done soon, like really, really soon LOL.

And finally on my list is a Barcelona Skirt... I have been really wanting to make one and I hope having it on here means I will take some time out for some me sewing. I am going to use some long hoarded Lotta Jansdotter, but it is buried in the bottom of my apparel fabrics bin so you will have to trust me LOL!

I am linking up over at and hope you join us!


  1. Interesting list. I am looking forward to seeing you making progress.

  2. I love your Angles project ! And Ombré looks really interesting too. I can't wait to see them finished ;-)

  3. Great projects! I love the ombre design!

  4. These look as though you will be kept busy. Love that Ombre quilt. I still have to find fabric for the skirt, school holidays in a week, maybe I will get lucky and have time for selfish sewing.

  5. You have such fun projects going on! Looks like a super quarter ahead for you!!

  6. Great list, Katy! Looking forward to seeing you finish these!

  7. You have some wonderful projects on the go. My fave is the ombre quilt. Plus, I can't wait to see your crayon challenge. Next month, I guess.

  8. That ombre quilt is spectacular, great use of those fabrics, good luck!

  9. Whew! What a great list! I LOVE the ombré quilt!


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