Monday, January 19, 2015

Sewing to Sell, a book review

I haven’t really reviewed books on here before but I have found this one to be so helpful that I wanted to share. It is called Sewing to Sell: How to Sell Locally and Online and is written by Virginia Lindsay.

IMG_0245 As you can see by my many post-it notes stuck in the top, I really liked what it had to say. Virginia takes you through all the steps you need to think about when establishing a business and then also provides 16 patterns which you can make your own and sell for profit. What I learned most was to think about how complicated a piece really needs to be when it comes to time and money invested in a product. Is patchwork worth my time and effort or will two fabrics suffice.

You can buy the book (with free shipping) through my affiliate link to the Book Depository over on my right hand column :) This review is totally me, I don’t even know Virginia but I was really impressed with this book.

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