Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Opie update

Hi guys :) I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped out by buying some of my things, it means a lot!

IMG_0617 We went back today our regular (non-emergency) vet for a check up today. He was rather surprised by the size of her wound (the biggest he has seen) and suggested surgery and a drain. I told him I didn’t have a job so we came up with another plan of attack.

More medications, including a spray to calm her when bringing her to the vet lol and laser treaments. He was really nice and is giving them to her at half price. We’ll do six total, over the next week and a half every two days. Hopefully this, along with the medications will have her well on her way to healing.

Please keep us in your thoughts!! Opie and Katy :)


  1. Oh poor Opie. I'm glad she's on the mend! Still crossing fingers and toes for you. You are in my thoughts!

  2. aww, you are both in my thoughts. get well soon, Opie!

  3. Really encouraging to hear you have such a supportive vet, xxx to Opie

  4. glad to hear there is some progress! <3

  5. Ooo, sorry about the big incision but glad to hear Miss Opie is doing better. I know that makes YOU feel better! <3

  6. I am so happy that Opie is doing better


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