Sunday, September 1, 2013

Simple goal

My September goal for a finish is going to be very simple. I need to complete an Aeroplane bag. If I don't complete it, I will have no carry-on bag for my trip to Salt Lake City in two and a half weeks LOL.

I am going to Sewing Summit which is in it's third year. It is billed as a sewing and blogging conference. My hotel roommate and I (who are Flickr friends) decided to swap Aeroplane bags. Instead of shipping them, we will each use the one we made for the other person and swap at the conference :) I am so looking forward to this trip. I am going to meet so many online friends and will be surrounded by like-minded people for a whole weekend... so much fun is to be had!!

All that to say that I have no pictures yet because I haven't gotten very far with the sewing of said bag yet LOL... I will have pics by the end of the month for sure... probably before that LOL!

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  1. Lucky roommate, good luck getting the bag done. Have a great time at Sewing Summit - it's hard to imagine that an entire year has flown by since I went last year.

  2. Great incentive to get you're goal done.

    I'm soooo looking forward to hearing how it went!!!

  3. ooh lucky you! sewing summit will be awesome. and swapping bags sounds like a lot of fun.


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