Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So very, very thankful

Last night I went to my first grief group. I have been aware for awhile that I need something to help me through all this. It was exhausting. I cried more than I have cried so far, which has been very little. This weekend, Thanksgiving here in Canada, we are burying my Dad in Quebec City with his parents. Needless to say I am stressed.

I came home, weary and drained. On my front step there was a big red box and a whole bunch of packages. Not having much of a clue I brought them in and started opening them.

First the box. Sent to me by my bee-mate and friend Nydia. Inside was a beautiful pillow, all sorts of scrappy colours in it, and sewn with love. I hugged and hugged and hugged it while crying my eyes out. In addition, knowing my fabric diet Nydia sent a delicious and large assortment of scraps. I was (and still am) totally floored that I am so lucky.

It was like a warm hug all wrapped up.

Next, I opened my package from Leona, who in addition to being many a swap-mama and swap partner has a blog where she sends gifts to people whose birthday month it is! Well lo and behold, here is my little package, a wonderful charm pack and some fabric glue... she knows what a girl likes LOL.
And then my friend Teri, who had hinted that she had sent something my way. I thought maybe a little birthday card and perhaps my winter bitty. Uh-uh... not Teri. She sent a party in a package LOL... it started with a ton of stickers and didn't stop. A ton of fun candy, a whoopee cushion (how can you not love someone who gives you one of those lol) and the most gorgeous Edgar Allen Poe based pillow cover and coasters...

The front of the pillow... just stunning! I have to get a form for it... I'm thinking next weekend when it is back to normal lol...

The back of the cushion (doesn't the Nevermore give you the most delicious shivers) and both sides of the coasters. Remind me btw to ask what kind of batting she used in the coasters, very soft but firm...

Here are the candies (also some other ones that disappeared to work) as well as my winter bitty... do you see how amazing it is? This woman is a serious genius!!

And then last, but most certainly not least, my friend Synnøve... she kindly offered me some of her batiks a few weeks back and I took her up on her offer as I always look at them but never know what to get. This way they were picked for me! Well... not only did she send me a large selection of gorgeous batiks, she sent a beautifully paper-pieced wall hanging of a rose. So many bits of it are so very me, the paper-piecing, the cherries, and best of all, some of her beautiful crochet framing it all. (I am always jealous in swaps when people get her crochet on items LOL)

Once again, an amazing gift from a friend with a wonderful heart!
Needless to say, today my step was a little lighter than it has been in months. Thank you all so very much, I am truly blessed to call you friends.


  1. You have a wonderful heart too, all these gifts are very well deserved.

    I think it's good you are going to a grief group, I hope it will be helpful for you.
    We got a lot of help from the group we were in, it's such a relife to share with someone that truly understands! Even when it makes you cry...

    I will send all my good thoughts to you this weekend.

  2. So sorry to hear of your continued hard time Hun. But what a way to feel the love of friends there for you around the world. There are more if us here rooting for you here too :) hugs!!

  3. Oh wow, how could we have possibly orchestrated for these to arrive on the same day? The same day which was very difficult for you... who but who can do that? It's as though you were affirmed and comforted for going to the class. And MAN you his the jackpot! What nice gifts (although the whoopee is the most magnificent, LOL!) So wonderful... you are loved! :D

  4. Okay, will you reply to this to see if you can. You are a fweetie-pie! ;)

  5. you are loved in many circles my dear and your creative quilters express their love for you beautifully! Just so you know, you're easy to love toots! HUGS

  6. Wonderful, Katy. Beautiful gifts. Lucky you! I'm so glad you will be attending the group. I have led them and attended them myself. They can be very helpful. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Hopefully burying your Dad will give you some much-needed closure. Take good care, my dear.

  7. Gorgeous gifts! You are one lucky girl to have such great friends. Just so perfect that you received them all on that day. I hope you have a good weekend and find some closure in your Dad's burial. I will be thinking of you.

  8. Oh Katy I am so sorry to hear about your daddy, it's such a hard thing to go through! I'm so glad you have such thoughtful friends to help you through!

  9. That Edgar Allen Poe fabric is fantastic!


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