Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking back...

Diane from from blank pages... is celebrating her two year blogiversary. While doing this she looked back at the many projects she has made and challenged us to do the same.

Apparently I am an idiot and didn't save a copy of my mosaic on my computer so I can't show it here... but here is the link

I really enjoyed looking back at all the projects that got me started on this journey, and remembering that when I began I hand sewed everything!! I cannot even fathom how I did that and certainly couldn't keep up with that now lol.

And since a post with no pics is no fun, here is a random one of Opie :)


  1. Your projects are awesome! Thanks for sharing them. :) I cannot even imagine hand sewing entire projects. lol. Cute cat. :)

  2. Lots of good stuff there. Love your kitty.

  3. Great mosaic! Has opine lost weight? She looks great!

  4. Freeking auto correct! Lol opine = Opie

  5. A random photo of Opie should be in every post!!


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